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Case Studies

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Boost In Organic Traffic.

For this clothing and lingerie designer, we worked on backlinks and fixed a number of severe roadblocks involving Google visibility. We generated an incredible 1047% increase in organic website traffic, from under 2,000 organic visitors each month to over 21,000 in just four months using 100% white hat techniques.

Eve's Temptation

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Boost In Organic Traffic.

This e-commerce retailer in Perth used to get 4,500 visitors each month. Today they get just under 15,000 unique visitors each month from Google alone. They are on the first page in Australian search results for some incredibly competitive keywords such as home gym, exercise bike, rowing machine, and treadmill.

Dynamo Fitness

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Edward Lipsett

B2C | Owner at Kurodahan Press

Boxer helped us effectively identify and target our core readership, suggested several new and lucrative marketing channels, and even shut down an idea that would have wasted six months of our time and money. Consulting with Boxer was one of the most profitable decisions our company has made.


Hannah Lee

B2B | Managing Partner at One Plum Design

Boxer helped us double our revenue in six months.


Gino Poore

B2C | Founder and CFO at Tackle Trading

Boxer is singularly responsible for completely changing how we conduct business online and would be a valuable addition to any marketing, product, or business development team.

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